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Scuba diving certification at Scuba Centers.  Learn to dive with lessons that meet your schedule!

Scuba Centers teaches scuba diving and certifies divers all the way up to instructor level.

Scuba Centers of Michigan

Try Scuba at Scuba Centers of Michigan is an orientation to diving that allows non-divers to experience diving in our 82 degree pool under the direct supervision of a dive leader, with a minimal amount of instruction and classroom time.

Knowledge: The academic session focuses on the immediate needs of divers such as equipment adjustment, equalizing pressure, breathing, moving through the water and orientation. This is about a 1/2 hour in the classroom.

Skills: So you can start diving as soon as possible, you’ll practice a reduced skill set with one of our Professional Scuba Instructors in a pool water session. The only thing we don’t provide is a swimsuit and towel. Some swimming skills are required. Everything we ask you to do is done in the shallow end first (3 feet), If you don’t like something simply stand up! This is about 2 hours in the pool.

Cost: Private class within 48 hours anytime any date $75 each or with 6 or more persons (group course) $50, which is FULLY REFUNDABLE when applied to certification class (within 30 days). Ask us about our Try scuba program for scouts!

Equipment. With the goal being to develop a working knowledge of scuba equipment, divers will receive an introduction to basic scuba equipment with an emphasis on equipment handling. We provide everything except swimsuit and a towel.

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