Scuba Skills Refresher Course~

Have you been out of the water too long? Need to refresh or update your skills? Why not schedule a “Refresher” or skills update class?

Recapture the feeling of total confidence after a longer period without diving by updating the skills learned in your Open Water Diver course.

Knowledge. Your Scuba Skills Update Dive Leader will review the knowledge you learned in your Open Water Diver class as well as cover any new material. You will review dive planning, dive tables and dive execution to keep you safe during future diving activities.

Skills. In the Scuba Skills Update you will have the opportunity to practice and review the scuba skills you learned in your open water diver class and learn techniques that may have changed. You will have the opportunity to refresh your memory and motor coordination, as well as practice your self-aid skills – all under the guidance of a dive leader.

Equipment. The scuba skills update is a great opportunity to re-learn your current equipment, or the perfect time to learn about and adjust your new equipment with the guidance of a dive leader.

With this type of preparation you will be able to experience more relaxed dives.

The refresher class we offer~ are as flexible as they can possibly be. Does not matter what original certification agency, we recognize all 11 international certifiers.

Refreshers are taught anytime day or night, all we need is 48 hour notice you pick the day/ time all 15 of our instructors have access to the facility 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Retail hours do not matter, it really is whenever you want!

The cost is only $99 And don’t forget to bring in your log book, we will update it with a Skills update sticker and date!

All we need to do is call us @ 313-388-1322 or email with a credit card number to reserve your spot, nothing is charged on the card unless you are a no-show. You can even cancel within 24 hours and there is no charge.

May we suggest the following:

1). Make sure all life support equipment is in service within a year, we will need proof of this for it to be used in our pool. If you do not own regulators, BCD’s or tanks we will loan these to you at no cost.

2). Come down before the scheduled class and do a practice session, a lot of times this is all you need, diving is sort-of like riding a bike, a lot of times it just comes back to us. Don’t forget your certification card, if we do not have it on file.

3). Finally, if you feel the need for a refresher still, we can arrange one any time, any day with 48 hours notice, we will need a credit card number to reserve your spot and the class cost just the instructor fee $99 per diver. This will be a half hour in the classroom, two hours in the pool. Bring your log book in at this time and we will document that the refresher has been done.

Call today and set up your Scuba Skills Update! (313. 388.DIVE (3483) or email us at:

Scuba Centers of Michigan

The pool is always 84 degrees and is waiting for you!


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