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With the luxury of our own pool, we can teach any time any day!

The NEW DiveSSI App is available in iOS and Android versions.  You can take advantage of this revolutionary   all-in-one solution for digital learning today.

  • Digital training materials are available both online and offline. You can study whenever and wherever you want in most languages!
  • You’ll never leave home without your certification cards and Dive log again:
  • All certifications in one place –digitally.
  • The NEW Digital Dive log allows you to Geo-locate your dives, take a photo of your buddy and the dive site and have your Dive Professional or buddy sign right on the App.  And you can upload your dives to MySSI at

NOTE: Some facilities offer 2 day rush classes because they have to rent pool time, we can offer these classes to, however it is not recommended. Why not take your time and learn the correct way, our pool is in house so there is no need to rush through your class, practice sessions are encouraged and always free of charge!

Scuba diving certification at Scuba Centers.  Learn to dive with lessons that meet your schedule!

Scuba Centers teaches scuba diving and certifies divers all the way up to instructor level.

Scuba Centers of Michigan

Scuba so easy, anyone can do it!

Scuba, it’s easier than most people think, just about anyone and we mean everyone (no, the dog really doesn’t dive) From 10 years old to our oldest student who was 84!

Thank you for your interest in the Open Water Educational Program. The Open Water Program is based upon a consistent progression from the Classroom, to the Pool, and then to the Open Water to develop your diving skills efficiently and safely.

Unlike the majority of the certification programs in the diving industry, our Open Water program is primarily concerned with the quality of the divers that we create… not the quantity.


Realistically, no matter where or when you take your training you will spend between $300 and $800 to be properly equipped and properly trained. This cost may include your own personal equipment, or your snorkeling gear, rentals, certification materials, dive planning tools, classes and pool sessions. 

Scuba Centers of MichiganRental vs. Owning

Should you rent or should you own your equipment. Well…the ultimate choice is up to you. But, let’s look at the facts:

New divers that rent equipment, generally, do not dive often, if at all after their certification programs. Why? You ask. It’s pretty simple, rental equipment is not designed for you. If your first experience diving was uncomfortable, for any reason, the motivation to experience that uncomfortable feeling again will be pretty low. Most people have varying body sizes, thus the equipment should be fit for the particular user. That is why the #1 fact of new divers is. If you are trained in your own equipment system, and are warm and comfortable…you will be 100% more likely to dive and continue to dive.

Program Specifics

Scuba Diving is a lifelong pastime that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Our store has been at the same location for 51 years. Scuba Center’s courses are taught and directly supervised by:

SSI is one of the largest and most Recognized certifying agencies in the world.

Don’t settle for less than the best!

Compare total hours of instruction, our classes are up to 52 hours (if needed)- however we can do it faster, as fast as 3 Days!

Classes are held ON-Site in our classroom & in our INDOOR HEATED POOL, not in a cold high school, college or community center pool.

All entry level classes we offer are Private- executive courses taught any time any day, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Have your own group of 6 or more? Ask us for the lower group rate, and even your group classes are available any time any day!


Our open water course includes all the educational items you need to become a safe and comfortable open water diver. THIS IS COMPLETE CERTIFICATION!

All classroom and pool sessions are done at your home or at our store. You will never be in the open water, until you have comfortably completed your habits in the pool. Our pool is available to you to practice in anytime the store is open or the classroom in open. Pool practice sessions are free and are encouraged.

All of our instructors are professionally trained with many years of experience. We monitor these instructors in house to make sure they are up to date and insured and always teaching the proper way.

The first step is to contact the store and schedule an appointment with one of our instructors for an free orientation. We would like to take the time and show you the opportunities these programs have to offer.

If you shop and compare PLEASE make sure the competition is including everything you need to complete your certification, in one. complete package! Many Facilities may seem less expensive but they have hidden fees, Look over this check list below and make sure you are getting all the components that will get you your Open Water Certification~

The Dive Safe Open Water Course Includes:

  • Class taught ON-SITE in our INDOOR HEATED POOL normal temp 82 degrees!
  • Unlimited Pool Use (at NO CHARGE)! For LIFE!
  • Personal Mouthpieces
  • Open Water Diver Portfolio
  • Open Water Certification Card
  • Open Water digital downloads. Once downloaded no internet needed, Download up to 3 devices
  • Logbook
  • Full Time Instructors/Counselors on Staff
  • Personal one on one instruction ~ no need to sit and watch as your instructor works with other students
  • Course dates – times are changeable with 24 hours notice at no charge! (private executive)
  • Five Open Water Dives* (Instructor Fees are included in course but NOT PRIVATE!)  and/or ~
  • If traveling on your own, a “Universal Referral” would be included, at no extra cost, so you may complete your open water certification with ANY certified instructor in the world.
  • Graduation Kit -Diploma – Certification card

Don’t forget to ask about our COMPLETE Equipment packages that INCLUDE the certification Class for free!

Don’t trust your safety to some independent instructor or sporting goods store, trust only professionally trained instructors and dedicated scuba diving stores.

There is a Difference in the Diving Industry! Our goal is to make you comfortable and safe in your new aquatic home, we replace fear and fantasies with knowledge in skills.

Welcome to the wonderful world of innerspace~


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